A binding force that drives Cotton Concepts and the success of its products lines is the the  adherence to the following set of core values:


  • Integrity and Fairness in all Transactions.

  • Provide Fair Pricing to Customers.

  • No child labor.

  • Provide ideal working conditions.

  • Payment of fair wages to all employees.

  • Product development focused on environmental impact.

  • Selection and usage of appropriate raw materials.

  • Promote a greener environment.

  • Transparency and accountability.


CC truly believes that every person born in this world must have the right to lead a healthy life with a promising future. Supporting the lives of orphans and local communities is at the very heart of the company's core values and giving philosophy. We work with organizations that enhance livelihood, income generation and micro-enterprise development.


Gainful employment, self-respect, market access and enterprise development truly touches the lives of many people in more ways than one. A part of the profit generated by the company is offered to non-profit organizations and community development initiatives. To know more about CC's community development initiatives mail to csr@cottonconcepts.cc.

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