As an international textile company, Cotton Concepts primarily engages in the design, manufacture and export of finished textile products made out of organic, combed cotton, bamboo fabric, pure linen, recycled cotton, hemp and jute. CC specializes in the home textiles and woven garments segment of the textile industry, and caters to a global clientele featuring renowned home decor brands, large department chains and specialty retailersCC's state-of-the-art production facilities and factories are spread across South India in the regions where the best of cotton is grown in India. These facilities are compliant to global textile industry standards across manufacturing, operations and environmental friendliness. Combined, these facilities are capable of producing up to 3,000 finished textiles per day that get through several processes such as raw material processing, dyeing, weaving, fabric processing, checking, embroidery, quilting, washing, cutting, stitching and quality inspection. 

FOUNDERS - Nathan & Annie, a husband and wife success story. Fostering on a lifetime partnership driven by the mind of a passionate textile craftsman in Nathan and further complemented by Annie's adept decor proficiency and marketing astuteness" 

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