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Cotton Concepts (CC) is accredited with the highest compliance certifications in line with the global industry standards. Some of these certifications include OEKO-TEX,  SedEX,  CE, ISO 9000:2015 and SA-8000, which collectively raise the bar in terms of the company operations and the quality that is achieved at our factories and production facilities. Also, CC diligently adheres to other social compliance and employee welfare practices, which gives it a competitive edge in comparison to other peers in the industry.  

This adherence to the certifications and compliance has allowed the company to delver finished textile made-ups that are of top notch quality that in turn enhances the USP of our clients' products, which consequently fulfills the primary need of the end-consumer. The company is also constantly updating its systems, processes and technologies in accordance with global trends to make sure the company is future ready and maintain the standards for decades to come.


The mission of Cotton Concepts ever since its establishment is to produce textiles that are sustainable and eco-friendly, which is reflected in the company's very name. Two decades on, the company still produces textile made-ups that are made of natural fibers such as cotton and jute. These textiles have no impact on the environment and can be recycled to create newer textiles, which the company has been experimenting with a few of its clients.


The company has pioneered on the concept of making new home textiles products from old cotton textiles, which are collected, processed and recycled to yarn.  This recycled yarn is used in the production of new textiles, which has helped the company garner critical acclaim with its global clientele and is fast becoming the most preferred production option with its increasing clientele. Other than the focus on sustainability, Cotton Concepts strictly adheres to greener practices across all operations from sourcing and processing to manufacturing and packaging. 

Research & Development

As one of the trusted home furnishing manufacturers, CC is abreast of the nascent and trending fabric & textile processing techniques through Research & Development division that studies, experiments and tests different printing, dying and fabric processing techniques. Such case studies and analysis help customers get the best finished output for their designs that are on par with the latest advancements in the textile industry. Some of the tried and tested techniques to emerge from the R&D lab include new age designs in dobby weave technique, water color printing to resemble tie & dye technique, vegetable printing, all over prints including foil & glitter, hand screen printing on different textures to give a washed look, and yarn-dying, rubber prints, different types of embellishments to add value to the products like leather trims, tassels, pom poms, statement zippers, and more.

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