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Launching New Sustainability Range in Heimtextil 2022

After two years, Cotton Concepts is back in familiar setting at the Messe Frankfurt trade show grounds in Frankfurt, Germany. The company will be launching its new sustainable home and kitchen textiles collection that is made from natural fibres such as Bamboo & Mulberry silk and also soft furnishing made from recycled cotton and PET bottles.   

Cotton Concepts Kitchen Textiles Recycled Cotton extracted from used clothings collected f

The world is moving towards sustainability and many organizations today are jumping onto the sustainability bandwagon. This is mostly because sustainability has become a need in the recent times than an advantage in every household to a corporate company. Every industry is buzzing with eco-friendly news and starting to promote sustainability as a new product or initiative. This is ever so prominent in the textile industry and ever more so prominent in the home textile industry, as every household strives to cut down on their carbon footprint and use green recyclable products.

Being a pioneer in the home textile industry, Cotton Concepts was the first company in the home textile industry to commence on manufacturing sustainable textiles delivery on the objective to delivery products that are recyclable and eco-friendly.  Furthermore, it has been making great strides in reducing its own carbon footprint as an organization by taking all the required measures to create a sustainable value chain – with no negative impact to the people involved as well as the community/environment surrounding its factories and corporate offices.

Cotton Concepts has successfully tried and tested a wide range of options in terms of sustainable textiles with linen, jute, hemp, recycled polyester from PET bottles, recycled cotton extracted from used clothes collected through landfill, natural fibres from plants that are cultivated for agricultural purposes (i.e., bamboo yarn, banana fibre & aloe vera yarn). Textiles made from these fabrics have successfully manufactured into wide range of products for brands, boutique retailers and large format departmental stores across the world.  

The last couple years have been more of a planning year for us to build the steps that would help us reach our ultimate goal –100% Sustainability. With a lot of planning we have launched a few product lines – Bamboo, Recycled cotton, PET yarn & Mulberry silk products that fall under the Sustainable division and we’re extremely thrilled to exhibit them at Heimtextil 2022.  

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